Company Sheet

Caroti S.r.l.

Via E. Romagna, 22/24,
56025 Pontedera (PI)
Phone: +39 0587.291193
Fax: +39 0587.290104


It is a continuously evolving yet well-rooted Company with over 50 years of experience and 3 generations of tradition dedicated to planning, making and designing valuable furniture whose style is unique and timeless. ORIGINAL FORNITURE VECCHIA MARINA arose in 1960 as a family-run carpentry workshop. Since then its managerial structure and sales offer have developed considerably to make this brand become world-famous and appreciated in the Made in Italy design sector. In its spacious, well equipped plant, Caroti combines the priceless master craftsmanship of the past with the reliability and precision of the most recent numerically-controlled machinery. Craftsmanship and technology combined to produce unique, exclusive, high-quality cabinet-making products. The accuracy of details, reliability of materials, compliance with delivery dates and assistance in accomplishing also contractual designs are guaranteed by the owners' constant presence in all manufacturing stages and by the cooperation of highly skilled staff. Thanks to this entrepreneurial philosophy, Caroti is a reliable, competent partner for the thousands of customers who have chosen us worldwide.

Supplied Good & Service (CSI codes) By Caroti

   040100 Wall covering
   040106 Boiseries
   180100 Sofas and Armchairs
   180101 Sofas
   180102 Armchairs
   180103 Easy chairs
   180104 Lounge Chairs
   180106 Small Sofas
   180107 Poufs
   180200 Tables and Chairs
   180201 Chairs
   180202 Stools
   180203 Benches
   180204 Tables
   180205 Coffee Tables
   180206 Console Tables
   180208 Writing Desks
   180209 Secretary desks
   180300 Storage Systems and Units
   180301 Highboards
   180302 Sideboards
   180303 Storage chests
   180304 Display Cabinets
   180305 Storage units
   180306 Wall cabinets
   180307 Chests of drawers
   180308 Bookcases
   180309 Storage walls
   180310 TV cabinets
   180311 Wardrobes
   180312 Walk-in wardrobes
   180313 Hallway units
   180314 Bar cabinets
   180316 Computer Cabinets
   180317 Shoe cabinets
   180318 Laundry room cabinets
   180400 Sleeping area and children's bedrooms
   180401 Beds
   180402 Headboards
   180403 Bedside tables
   180404 Dressers
   180405 Wardrobes
   180406 Walk-in wardrobes
   180407 Dressing tables
   180408 Kids' bedroom sets
   180414 Bedroom sets
   180500 Kitchen
   180501 Kitchens
   180502 Mini Kitchens
   180506 Kitchen freestanding units
   180600 Bathroom
   180604 Vanity units
   180633 Bathroom mirrors
   180634 Bathroom cabinets
   180637 Bathroom furniture sets
   180700 Furnishing Accessories
   180702 Fabrics
   180703 Mirrors
   180710 Wall shelves
   180712 Furnishing items
   18071221 Decorative paintings
   18071225 Bookends
   18071236 Coat racks
   180900 Kids furniture
   180901 Kids bedroom
   18090101 Kids' bedroom sets
   18090102 Kids beds
   18090107 Kids wardrobes
   18090108 Kids chests of drawers
   18090109 Kids storage chests
   18090110 Kids bookcases
   18090111 Cradles
   18090112 Cots
   18090113 Changing Tables
   180903 Kids tables and chairs
   18090301 Kids chairs
   18090303 Kids benches
   18090305 Kids tables
   18090306 Kids writing desks
   180905 Kids bedrooms accessories
   18090502 Kids mirrors
   18090508 Toy storage boxes
   18090509 Games
   180907 Kids Lighting
   18090703 Kids table lamps
   181100 Office furniture
   181101 Office desks
   181102 Meeting tables
   181105 Executive chairs
   181106 Task chairs
   181107 Office stools
   181115 Office shelving
   181117 Office drawer units
   181300 Furnishing for Hotels and Conference areas
   181301 Hotel bedrooms
   181302 Hotel beds
   181325 Minibars
   182100 Interior lighting
   182101 Floor lamps
   182104 Table lamps
   183800 Fireplaces and heaters
   183801 Fireplaces
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