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88040 Settingiano (CZ)
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Spring 1972: the young Andrea Cusimano, native of Palermo, discovers by chance a small clay pit near Catanzaro. The annexed craft kiln was used to manufacture bricks. It is a simple and humble product which, however, catches the imagination of the young man, who is literally fascinated by the activity carried out by those workers and by the beauty of the material.

Over thirty years have by now elapsed since that year. However, the charm of that material has remained unchanged turning into pure passion. The once small light clay pit has attracted the best workers of the Calabrian tradition, revealing its secrets, its strength and its generosity. Andrea Cusimanos strength and dream have turned into reality.

Today, the Firm Cotto Cusimano invests energies, skills and resources in the ever topical purpose of offering an extraordinary and unique product obtained through an almost handicraft workmanship.

Terracotta is an ancient material worked using modern technologies which keeps its fascination and beauty unchanged. Cotto Cusimano manufactures precious floors, decorative elements whose beauty is unique and nowhere to be found, coverings and bricks of an unmistakable and unique Mediterranean design as well as accessories of extraordinary versatility which represent precious hints for architects and designers.

There is no limit to the application of terracotta tiles and bricks and the firm Cusimano is well aware of this, this is the reason why it painstakingly looks after each single piece to the last detail, because it knows its value and any detail has its own importance for time has no price and every place deserves the right warmth.

Today, the Cusimano family keeps with loving care this ancient passion, wit becomes richer and richer in experience and emotions, lived with the pride of a millenary history, proud of an extraordinary quality and aware of making a product match.

Terracotta, our passion.

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