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Via Pierucciani 2
51034 Casalguidi (PT)
Phone: +39 0573 946223
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Merged into the green of the Pistoia countryside, where the nurseries form regular and rational plots, theres the giovannetti plant, which, due to the peculiarity of its structure, may be defined almost a totem of architecture of the seventies. The company, founded and still lead with great energy by Chevalier of Industry Benito Luigi Giovannetti, was born in the mid sixties and gained immediately the worldwide attention with its innovative and researched products, perfectly matching the climate of experimentation of those years, when new forms were created and new ways were sought to satisfy the growing necessity of relaxing, joining together and conversing. This is the philosophy which in the sixties gave birth to Bazaar, Onos, Teso, Lambda and Yates, designed by Superstudio; and nowadays researched and well valued in the market of collectors. giovannetti revealed then its complete industrial maturity in 1970 with Anfibio, designed by Alessandro Becchi, a product born as a convertible sofa, fulfilling both the functions of a sofa and a bed in a simple and poetic way. Joining ideas and numbers, Anfibio represented the commercial growth of the company (33.000 pieces produces since 1970) and made its raise to the olympus of art and design. - in 1972 it is selected for the collection of the museum of Contemporary Art MOMA of New York, by curator Prof. Emilio Ambasz, and achieves the most prestigious design awards in the same year it is discovered by Playboy America which makes it become an icon of eros in the following years it became part of the design collection of other 12 museums of contemporary art around the world This success gave giovannetti the possibility to popularize its proper image abroad during the eighties and to enter in contact with commercial and manufacturing entities of other countries, affirming itself on the american, canadian, australian, japanese and german market, riding the wave of the growing interest towards the made in Italy. The international competition was the main growth factor which enabled giovannetti to gain a highly qualified know-how which, in numbers, meant a production oriented at 40% to the national and at 60% to the international market, with approx. 180 sales points on the national territory only.

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Poltrona relax MOSS | Poltrona MOSS | Poltrona
Poltrona in eco-plastica per indoor e outdoor
Tavolino basso rotondo MOSS | Tavolino MOSS | Tavolino
Tavolino in eco-plastica per outdoor e indoor
Divano letto trasformabile ANFIBIO ANFIBIO
Divano letto disponibile nelle misure: cm 180x100x70; cm 240..
Poltrona imbottita in tessuto ANEMONE ANEMONE
Poltrona chaise longue rivestita con tessuti elastici
Divano sfoderabile FOYER FOYER
Divano e poltrona sfoderabile
Divano sfoderabile design con imbottitura ignifuga SUPERSTAR SUPERSTAR
dimensioni L. cm 250 P. cm 103 / 143 H. 68
Divano in tessuto STAR STAR
Divano imbottito. rivestito in pelle o tessuto
Dormeuse con imbottitura ignifuga STARLOUNGE STARLOUNGE
Dimensione cm 170 x 160 h. cm 68
Poltrona sfoderabile per bambini BOLLE BOLLE
Poltrona in poliuretano, con rivestimento sfoderabile
Chaise longue imbottita design GABBIANO GABBIANO
Chaise-longue a dondolo, disponibile in 3 Dimensioni L. 90 /..

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