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Company Sheet

Misapor AG

Löserstrasse 2
7302 Igis
Phone: +39 +41 81 300 08 08
Fax: +39 +41 81 300 08 09


Misapor AG is a 100% independent Swiss company, established in 1982. Its administrative headquarters are based in Landquart in Switzerland. Foam glass gravel has been produced in Surava since 1987, in Dagmersellen since 2002, in the factory in Italy since 2010 and in Dormagen since 2011. Misapor employs around 80 people worldwide. Creating a new product, optimising production, guaranteeing quality – this could be described as the core of Misapor’s distinguishing ‘company philosophy’. It is therefore no coincidence that Misapor’s success story is now repeating itself with MisaporConcrete. Nonetheless, the company is by no means product-fixated; rather, it is thoroughly customer-oriented. Misapor sees itself as a partner for users and places great value on dialogue and providing efficient support. This can be decisive for products like Misapor and MisaporConcrete, as these are by no means limited to standard applications. Misapor is often used as a solution in entirely new and individual situations.

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