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41122 Modena (MO)
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Salmson was established in 1890 and has been involved in two of the major industrial revolutions which marked the history of the early 20th century. From the beginning of the aeronautical industry to the saga of the motor car, Salmson played a pioneering role in the development of innovative vehicles and engines. SALMSON is still synonymous with the glorious era of the budding French technology spirit from the first flights of Aéropostale to the Le Mans 24 hour car race. In the 1960’s, the company refocused its activities on the design and production of pumping systems, one of its original ventures, and took advantage of its experience and pioneering spirit to become one of the leading players in this field. At the eve of a new century, Salmson took up a challenge with will have major implications for the company: the management of the Earth’s water resources.

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