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  • Posti disponibili: 10
  • Categoria: Progettazione - Coordinatore di progetto
  • Titolo di studi minimo: Laurea Specialistica (4-5 anni)
  • Esperienza minima: 1 anno
  • Luogo di Lavoro: [Abruzzo] Teramo - GULLI

Descrizione dell'Offerta di Lavoro

Mahdi told his father when he came home, “Dear father, while Soheila was washing her hands today, she suddenly slipped and fell in the pool. Her mother was not at home, but their neighbor, an old woman, jumped into the pool and brought her out.” Pyasa Kutta Pyasa Kutta Pyasa Kutta Pyasa Kutta Pyasa Kutta Pyasa Kutta Pyasa Kutta Pyasa Kutta Pyasa Kutta Pyasa Kutta Pyasa Kutta Pyasa Kutta His father said, “Do you think their neighbour did a good thing?” Mahdi replied, “Yes, she did. But the water was cold, and now she is ill.” His father said, “My dear son, on such occasion’s one must not worry about the inconvenience one may experience or what the outcome may be. In this case, it seems as though something was drawing the lady towards helping. People do not always calculate and act according to that which benefits them only; they sometimes put their own life in danger. It often happens that someone going through hardship may have food and is hungry, but nevertheless they give it to a poor person or a hungry animal.

  • Tipo di contratto:A tempo determinato
  • Durata contratto:2 YEARS
  • Inquadramento:Operaio
  • Giornata lavorativa:Full time
  • Livello retributivo ccnl:liv. 1
  • Data Inizio attività:13/04/2018
  • Data Fine attività:03/04/2023
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