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Living doesn’t only mean “being on earth” but also "being under the sky
Martin Heidegger

Inseparable relations link man to his space; but what does space represent and what turns a simple space into a “place”? Heidegger says “To live” The age we live in, compels man to face a series of social and cultural changing that let him rediscover the “multiplicity” of dimensions that characterise his living. Fast transformations and incessant social-cultural flows of contemporary ages let, then, formulation of a new concept of “living” being necessary: a new thought on man and “spaces” he wants to live in. Concept of “House” itself is no more connectable to traditional model synonymous of permanence and stability. Contemporary house can easily result into a “temporary” home, emblem of mobility that characterise our age.


The “Living Box” shall overcome the contrast between “stable” and “temporary” that, as underlined by Le Corbusier -great master of Modern Movement but mostly a punctual studious of new ways of living- necessarily emerges from temporary living.

It will, then, answer to the need for an easy and fast change, being able, at same time, to state the presence of a man in a context

Subject of competition is the design of a prefabricated living unit for housing, transportable on wheel vehicle or by air, which can be used even as permanent house and which can be able to comply with contemporary lifestyle in terms of living comfort and architectural language.

It is attended that answers to design subject will consist in one of two following typologies of prefabricated units:

Living unit as preassembled block/blocks

Unit made by preassembled block/blocks whose dimensions allow transport on roads, rails or by air. Dimensions can be related (but it’s not compulsory) to standard dimensions of containers for commercial transportations that automatically comply with transportability problems and don’t need special vehicles. Final unit might be obtained by a single block or by assembling and connecting more than one block.

Living unit as assemblage of light prefabricated small elements

Unit made by technological systems relying on small prefabricated elements that can be assembled on site according to the need for special dimensions of living units (when such dimensions don’t allow transportation with common vehicles) or when structural conception of technological system doesn’t allow handling of preassembled blocks (usually when system doesn’t provide for a self-foundation basement)