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Adriano Palmarini

Adriano Palmarini Architetto

Adriano Palmarini

Adriano Palmarini


00148 Roma (RM) +96894522319

Profilo di Adriano Palmarini

Architect with long experience in architectural design, garden design and interior design, expert in relief, design at all levels, graphic elaborated, construction management, safety coordinator on site. Ability to present and manage a project from beginning to end. Excellent interpersonal skills with the customer. Good team spirit, ability to coordinate with colleagues and arrange work in multicultural contexts, good command of quality control and the use of graphics software. Experience in all phases of the project, from the definition of the program, to the graphic design; Expert in: - Survey - Definition of the intervention program - Architectural design - Interior design - Construction Management - Coordination of site safety - Practices building and land registry - Important experience in residential design, restoration of historic buildings, landscape design and gardens, offices, hospitals and airports, bike trails, spa, schools, special furniture and furnishings. - Dealing with customers, suppliers and businesses. High level of professionalism and honesty. Current occupation: Supervision of work of the new offices of TRC Innovation Park, design of Sea Museum of Sur, architectural and detail design of Mercure Hotel in Muscat, design of private villas in Muscat, competitions. Sering International, Muscat (Oman)


Team di Adriano Palmarini

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