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Agostino Marinoni

Agostino Marinoni Architetto

Agostino Marinoni

Agostino Marinoni


27045 casteggio (PV)

Profilo di Agostino Marinoni

He started StudioArch/ in 2009, after co-founding Studio Pulsar Associates Architects in 2004, to share international experiences and works. A number of achievements in housing, Planning and Landscape design, projects of commercial buildings and development of furniture and interiors. Design, architecture and communication become the main themes of work. He participates actively in the work 'of PAVIA ARCHITECTS COUNCIL within the Commission which organizes events for dissemination and understanding of architecture. In 2009 he wrote the manifesto of the architectural itinerant exposition "10 Things You Don't know about her" and in 2010 he attended the IDCF of shenzhen like special guest. In 2011 his proposed for the competition "Heracles Project", launched by Domus for collect proposals that make up a hypothesis of connection between Europe and Africa on Strait of Gibraltar has been selected and esposed at the Gallery Gopher Hole in London. In 2013 a work of Agostino Marinoni was exposed at the Florence Design Week and in the same year he was shortlisted for the new Co-Cathedral and the Interparochial Center of San Benedetto in Lamezia Terme (Italy). The activity developed is oriented to analyzing, develop and pander the natural complexity of the interactions between every thematical level inside each projects in a ipotetical m-theory of the architecture. The goal is an architecture like result of interaction between all rules (technical/program/location/etc) and the poetic aspect (symbolic, expressive, cultural, human)


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