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Alessandro Fancelli

Alessandro Fancelli Architetto

Alessandro Fancelli

Alessandro Fancelli


06824 Fairfield, Connecticut (TR)

Profilo di Alessandro Fancelli

Senior design architect and senior designer, 15 years of experience developing, implementing, and managing complex projects. Focused but not limited to: health & wellness, specialty retail, restaurant, hospitality, health careentertainment, residential interior. I experienced all stages of architectural and product design: schematic design, project development, construction administration, management of commercial agreement with suppliers and customers. Expert in the 3D printing process, both for plastic materials and for the resins. Able to apply knowledge of machinery operations and the working properties of materials to design products and prototype tooling. Skilled in mold design, machine tool operation, CAD, and CNC programming. I am highly motivated, critical, responsible, focused on results and with problem-solving skills. I always provide tangible lead and contribution to architectural and design teams. I have high attention for details, empathy with a creative environment and the belief in core values as passion, balance, integrity and excellence.

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