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Alessandro Gazzoni

Alessandro Gazzoni Architetto

Alessandro Gazzoni

Alessandro Gazzoni


Viale Montesanto, 1 - Rimini - 47921 - Rimini (RN) +39054122018

Profilo di Alessandro Gazzoni

Makes available of the office his experience alongside designers of international fame. Deals with projectual themes of large-scale, master plans and architectural works from the functional and technological content complex and advanced. In ARCHINOW defines the design strategies both within the work of the study both in competition activities that follows in the first person as manager of the sector. His approach follows a rigorous methodology leading him to effectively identify the essence of each design theme. Having matured over the years a solid experience in sustainable design integrated, defines for each project the environmental strategies that make it most performant in terms of energy. He's the reference person for the training of young architects who come to our studio during internships or collaborations to the projects. Coordinates, finally, the external communication of the study and the website.

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