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Alessandro Marini

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Alessandro Marini

Alessandro Marini


Milano (MI)

Profilo di Alessandro Marini

He has a professional experience in BIM technology applied to medium/large scale buildings; he is actually focusing on the parametric and algorithmic design, very interested in complex shapes management and automatization of project flows. He graduated in Architectural Engineering in March 2016 with full marks (110/110 cum laude) presenting a thesis about the integrated (architectural and structural) rehabilitation. The work has been primarily developed during a period of study in the Netherlands (TU Eindhoven) and focuses on advanced innovative structures associated with an envelope architectural renovation. The academic curriculum was built to create a professional personality with good engineering skills (structural especially) and excellent architectural design ability, mainly in the buildings field. The variety of this academic curriculum allows him to fit in very different environments with an excellent adaptation power. The experiences of study abroad (ERASMUS in Germany) allowed to optimize the knowledge of English and German languages and to get used to mixed and multicultural environments. He is passionate about everything concerns architecture, he loves to experience new challenges and to overcome his limits, driven by curiosity and creativity.


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