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Alessia Santi

Alessia Santi PR/Marketing Account

Alessia Santi

Alessia Santi

PR/Marketing Account


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International sales manager interiors division of "Cadore Group" - Italy. I'm in charge to take care of the commercial management of customers, mainly private and also a network of agents worlwide for the interiors division. From the beginning of the business relations with the client, issuance and supply management, supervision of the projects and the following commercial and collaborative relationships after sales. Something abput myself - I'm an outgoin and hard worker person with good organizational-analytical strong skills and excellent attitude to team work. Multi-tasking, flexibility, constancy and negotiating attitude are my best personal quality. Strong knowledge about sales and digital advertising consolidated over time during my several works experiences. I love travel by my-self or in team to learn something about the different culture and likely, for this reason I'm very adaptable in all type of situation.

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