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Alessio Costanzo

Alessio Costanzo Architetto

Alessio Costanzo

Alessio Costanzo


Via G. B. Magnaghi 1/18 sc. dx - 16129 Genova (GE) +39 010 8369592

Profilo di Alessio Costanzo

Alessio Costanzo born in Genoa in 1975, after an university route aimed at the design, is graduated in Architecture in 1999 at the University of the Studies of Genoa. In 2000 he took part in the contest "Europan 6 - inter-cities, architectural dynamics and new urbanity" getting the 3rd position. Since 2001 he is member of the Association of the Architects, Landscape Architects, Planners, Conservers of Genoa with the n° 2861 in section A sector (architect). In 2003 opened the practice in Genoa, working as freelancer, in "team" or in the form grouped with other architects and engineering companies for awarding of private chores or the participation in tenders and public procurement


Team di Alessio Costanzo

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