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Alexander Bagnai

Alexander Bagnai Architetto

Alexander Bagnai

Alexander Bagnai


S. Cassiano in Pennino 57/A - 57/A Predappio (FC) +390543921076

Profilo di Alexander Bagnai

Architect Alexander Bagnai was born from Marisa Tumidei and Stefano Bagnai in Predappio, in the land of Romagna, which is full of great traditions and values. Father from Tuscany and mother from Romagna. There is a mix of both in Alex’s personality. Strength, tenacity, frankness, exuberance, inventiveness, stubborness, concreteness and sense of measure, make him a not easy character, moving between roughness and tenderness, militancy and openly warm hospitality, all with a great awareness of himself and his land.

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