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Alfred von Escher

Alfred von Escher Designer d'interni

Alfred von Escher

Alfred von Escher

Designer d'interni

Palazzo S. Isidoro - 90134 Palermo (PA)

Profilo di Alfred von Escher

LEFTOVER Design Factory produce since 2012 with the Creative Co-Direction of Alfred von Escher and Raffaella Guidobono. After they have been invited with studio427 to conceive one of the 18 Collateral Events in Venice Biennale Architettura 2012, the LEFTOVER bespoke furniture appeared at Antonio Marras's showroom, acasa FBR, Design Apart, as well as private houses, stores, restaurants, bars and design hotels. LEFTOVER workshops are located both in a Zurich container as well as in a XVI Century Palazzo in the heart of Palermo, always shipping worldwide. LEFTOVER joined the craft-golden-age in the first place, manufacturing and prototyping in Sicily, often moving towards inspirational things in real life out there. The tailor-made pieces create exclusive and slightly imperfect series. Tables, coffee-tables and stools' top, as well as cabinets, bookcases or shelving systems comes out with epoxy resin or metal surface finishing. Recently also in leather, iron, copper, brass, stone, fabric. The LEFTOVER duo works together to promote a traveling carpentry and potential networks with other makers thanks to various connections with Architecture and Food.

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