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Alvin Grassi

Alvin Grassi Architetto

Alvin Grassi

Alvin Grassi


Milano (MI)

Profilo di Alvin Grassi

Born in Cesena he attended the University of Florence/Architecture course.His background lies in parallel worlds such as fashion, public relations, art.The "Illuminated Visionary", this is how Marie Claire Maison Italia defines him on July 2008. A pure creative, stolen from fashion, that now has found his maximum form of expression in the design world. Alvin Grassi, voted to audacity and innovation, with an always wary eye to contemporary taste and feel, he never misses his poetic glance at the past and at those retro styles that so much influence his work. His talent is in a way hidden by his authentic and heterogeneous personality, as a real Italian and especially his origins are from "Romagna" region. After a collaboration with Alberta Ferretti and other fashion designers, he has left the "prêt-a-porter" world to find a new life as designer of "hotellerie". He has conceived and accomplished in just seven years five design hotels, all creatures of an "illuminated visionary", that are presenting themselves with a foolishly contemporary esprit but still managing to maintain extraordinary solutions dedicated to entertainment for all the metropolitan visitors. At the moment he has the prestigious role of "Project Director" for Ipe Cavalli for the Visionnaire Brand, leaders in the design luxury market made in Italy. Thanks to his role in the company, he has the great opportunity to invent and realize spaces dedicated to hospitality in its highest and complete form. An assignment every designer dreams of receiving: complete freedom for what concerns the stylistic choices of interior design, communication, graphic, image an more, the opportunity to design new spaces or hotels quickly and continuously. Alvin, with the brand Visionnaire, by Ipe Cavalli, represents today the most contemporary hospitality in the world, with original and diversified proposals in matter of glamur, sense of luxury and style of hospitality.


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