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Andrea Bonini

Andrea Bonini Designer

Andrea Bonini

Andrea Bonini


Via Gerolamo Morone, 4 - 20121 Lombardia (MI) +44 (0) 20 7969 2877

Profilo di Andrea Bonini

Andrea Bonini was born in Verona in 1985 and studied Interior and Product Design at the Marangoni institute in Milan. At the same time, he started working in design studios and then went on to collaborate with several design studios and brands in the industry in Verona and Milan, where he became project manager of some international projects. In 2011, he launched the Andrea Bonini Luxury Interior & Design Studio, working on interior design projects and supplies turnkey design. In the same year he founded Diamante design, a brand that makes accessories and furnishings in steel, patenting an innovative and unique finish on int, just call Diamante. The collection Diamante design in unique, with a high impact sign and International distribution. Steel has always been a family knowhow and becomes masterpieces in its drafts. In 2012, the press described Bonini as one of the youngest designers at the 2012 International Fashion Fair with a full collection on show, designed for the historic Italian company Dolfi, with which it still plays as designer and project manage. Even in the following years Andrea Bonini attended the Salone del Mobile presenting new collections, collaborating on the line AMcasa with the Tailor Alessandro Martorana. In 2014, the studio moved to Milan, in via Gerolamo Morone, in the heart of the city’s fashion district. The decision was almost obligatory, given the continual influence of fashion in the world of interior design. Bonini’s studio allowed him to display some of his furniture, thus presenting his take on interior design to the world. In recent years, Bonini has been working on increasingly international projects, travelling from Dubai, to London, to Milan. Bonini developed the concept of interior design as an environment, paying meticulous care to each single detail and creating elegant interiors with refined character. The same level of attention to detail is used in the planning of design furnishings, truly luxurious creations which are the culmination of constant research and observation of contemporary lifestyle, where the use of materials and combinations result in refined, unique products that stand out from the current industry crowd. The pieces are supported by the experience and importance of many international brands as Turri, where the team was able to create the perfect environment, leading eventually to the birth of the Vogue collection. he inspiration behind the Vogue collection for Turri comes from artisanal Italian production, developing through and analysing the fashion history which has made Italian style instantly recognisable all over the world. His work still grows in projects of interior and product design dedicated to the luxury sector, with elegance and continuous research, and a constant contamination with contemporary lifestyle.

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