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Andrea Caropresi

Andrea Caropresi Designer d'interni

Andrea Caropresi

Andrea Caropresi

Designer d'interni

Bologna (TV)

Profilo di Andrea Caropresi

I am a Designer and a Project Manager. These words sum up my profession, my mindset and my approach to the world. I am always oriented to constantly update and improve my skills, reason why on 2015 I attend on a Master in Business Administration to have a complete vision of business dynamics and contribute to my company and gain professional skills for future roles, just completed on June 2017 Currently I am Retail Real Estate Project Manager in La Perla. My first approach was to divert resources and attention for key projects in order to ensure better control on timing and costs. I have several years developing network and negotiation with stakeholders about retail development and retail construction management. Previous experiences as a Project Manager in Permasteelisa for many international projects and as Global Retail Design & Project Manager in Ducati to manage global network rollout of the new corporate identity. I have a passion for travel and two/four wheels: I am curious to discover the world with different eyes always fascinated by the world and all its facets and open to any offers that match the way. Creativity, Passion, Expertise, Lateral Thinking, Detail Oriented, People. Andrea Caropresi


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