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Andrea Rekalidis

Andrea Rekalidis Designer

Andrea Rekalidis

Andrea Rekalidis


Via Antoniana, 218 - 35011 Campodarsego, PD (PD)

Profilo di Andrea Rekalidis

Andrea Rekalidis was born in 1986 in Padova (Italy) and graduated in 2010 from the Industrial Design course at the Politecnico di Torino. His work has been recognized by international design awards and featured on the most renown magazines and design plattforms gaining the interest of the press and the public. His products are self comunicating and are made to ingnite a debate and enstablish a strong relationship with their users through a playful interaction. Andrea Rekalidis Studio expertise ranges through interior design, industrial & exhibit design as well as companies’ art direction.


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