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Andreas Varotsos

Andreas Varotsos Designer d'interni

Andreas Varotsos

Andreas Varotsos

Designer d'interni

Roma (RM)

Profilo di Andreas Varotsos

Born in Athens in 1957, Andreas Varotsos studied Industrial Design in Rome at the Instituto Superiore per Industri Artistiche (I.S.I.A.) and gained a scholarship at ALFA ROMEO (ALFA SUD – Naples Decorative Arts). He worked with Studio IDEA in Rome and since 1984 has been designing furniture and decorative objects for Greek and Italian companies He has tutored at the National Polytechnic School of Athens and is also a professor at the Athens School of Applied Arts A.K.T.O. Andreas’ design creations have received international recognition through various prestigious Awards, and he is known in particular for designing the Olympic Torch used during the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, symbolising the harmonious shape and lines of Greece’s sacred olive tree leaves.

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