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Angelo Cassarà

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Angelo Cassarà

Angelo Cassarà


Catania (CT)

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Briefly, I’m Angelo Cassarà, a young graduate in Architecture and Building Engineering on July 2017, from the University of Catania (Italy), with the top grade of 110/110. I developed my final thesis work, focusing on urban design and regeneration issues, in Madrid with the Professor Juan Carlos Arnuncio Pastor from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid - Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura (ETSAM). My work experience includes an internship, as a junior architect, in Barcelona (Spain), at the DNA Architects Barcelona studio, collaborating in the development of national and international projects and participating in works for architectural competitions. This experience has enabled me to highlight the process of team planning and evolution, to become more aware of how to work in an office structure, to be more stress resistant, a collaborative and flexible team player and able to work in international contests. Through these and other experiences, in which I have already been able to improve my skills, I also become confident with a broad range of design and management software (detailed in my resume). I’m Italian native speaker, but these periods of study and work abroad have allowed me also to achieve an optimal level of Spanish (level C1) and English (level B2).


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