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Angiolino Dolcetti

Angiolino Dolcetti Designer

Angiolino Dolcetti

Angiolino Dolcetti


Brescia (BS)

Profilo di Angiolino Dolcetti

Angiolino Dolcetti obtained his diploma from the High School Liceo Artistico V. Foppa in Brescia. He attended the European Institute of Design and almost immediately started designing and making prototypes with novel shapes in the segment of handles, household goods and gifts, from interior and exterior lighting, to furniture in wood, resins, metal and glass. He worked in conjunction with companies in his constant search for new working techniques, for the treatment of metals and of other materials used in the production of his projects. Designer Angiolino Dolcetti has always transferred to the objects of his creation his love of art and technical competence, a blend which makes his creations greatly appreciated and widely requested everywhere. For nearly 20 years he has worked in collaboration with the Pasinis and has given his all-important contribution to the conception of the “ Pasini Style “, signing the handles which have earned the company the success of the trademark “ PFS Pasini” all over the world.


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