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Anika Elisabetta Luceri

Anika Elisabetta Luceri Designer

Anika Elisabetta Luceri

Anika Elisabetta Luceri


01033 Civita Castellana (VT)

Profilo di Anika Elisabetta Luceri

Anika Elisabetta Luceri is a designer for passion and has a professionally a native gift for art. Coming from artistic studies, reaching gradually her interest for the technique with an Industrial Design honours degree with a thesis about racing motorcycles. Important experience at the MV Agusta motorcycles. She works at the "Crimson", the style center of the group "Cagiva-MV-Huskvarna" having as a tutor designer Miguel Galluzzi. At the same time to the styling and modeling experience she is able to approach the world of graphic joining the art director and the technicians of graphic department Cagiva, participating in projects for advertising trade magazines, studying the corporate image and the presentation of external projects. Then she works with companies in the motorcycle world drawing components for racing. She works for several furniture companies on the territory of Lazio. Plans interiors for brands of clothing such as "Brandy Melville," works with builders and interior designers to realize works for public government and organization of events. For "MC Style" she takes care of the corporate image, interior, fairs and produces furnishings. She opens her own studio in 2007 dealing with design and communication reaching in every project a perfect balance between visual art and mass production.


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