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Anna Valsecchi

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Anna Valsecchi, twentyfour years old from Bergamo City, with an interest in foreign countries and cultures, starts her accademic career at the linguistic school, that she finishes in 2008. The following year she decides to follow a new creative and dynamic direction, and enrols at the course of product design at the New Arts Accademy in Milan. During these years she doesn’t loose her interest in foreign lanscape, spending time in California and England. June 2011 is the period of the interniship at the family factory where she mainly develops her progectual competence and the attention for details in product design. Thanks to her studies at the Arts Accademy she also develops an interest for the graphic design and in 2012 she works with Bergamo Council, creating commercial flyers. In Februrary 2012 she finishes university becaming product designer and standing out for her latest project that rapresents the union between design and music, one of her greatest passions. A sound creadle useful for music therapy was created. This product took part to the New Arts Accademy of Milan best works exhibition and to the autoproduct design Operae exhibition in Turin. Between 2012 and 2013 she decides to travel for an indefinite and still not finished period of time around Australia and Asia. Here She wishes to satisfy her curiosity about new cultures and broaden her knowledge in design.


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