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Antonella Radicchi

Antonella Radicchi Architetto

Antonella Radicchi

Antonella Radicchi


Rome (RM)

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Antonella is an architect and researcher in soundscape studies, currently based in Rome. She is also the editor of : the “tender” soundmap of Florence is an interactive and open source tool and aims at becoming a collective sound map through the involvement and the participation of the Florentine population, city users and tourists. With this regard, since January 2013 a specific dataset called “Immaterial cultural goods” has been created within the Opendata system of the Municipality of Florence to share the data of the “tender” soundmap according to the definition of Immaterial Cultural Heritage released by UNESCO in 2003. Antonella undertook doctoral research both at the SA+P, MIT (USA) and at the Faculty of Architecture, Florence (IT).
 Her dissertation "On the sonic image of the city” was awarded of the 2010 INU Award, and the 2011 Research Award – City of Florence. She has taught and lectured both in Italy and abroad, and has also 8 years teaching experience at the university level.Since 2011 she collaborates in research projects on urban soundscapes with Tempo Reale, Center for Music Research and Education. Her primary research interests centre upon the interaction between people and the environments they inhabit, focusing on the involvement of the population into the planning process of urban soundscapes through the development of open source platforms and open data sets. So far, she worked at: M.I.T., Kent State University, Tempo Reale, University of Firenze, University of Roma Tre, University of Ferrara, , La Biennale di Venezia Foundation as well as w/ Italian and international architecture firms (Studio Luca Zevi, Archea Associati, Organization for Permanent Modernity, T-studio Guendalina Salimei, Atelier Le Balto, Social Design Studio et al.)


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