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Antonio Marra

Antonio Marra Architetto

Antonio Marra

Antonio Marra


Reggio Calabria

Profilo di Antonio Marra

Chartered architect with experience in residential, retail and exhibition design, project management and construction sites supervision. My most recent role has been Store Designer for a company in Malta. That role gave me the chance to move forward on my career path, taking on the job of devising the new stores concept style and developing and implementing a most efficient workflow for stores construction in Europe. I graduated in 2008 and, just after I got my architect license, I started working as Interior Designer for a firm involved in hospitality and residential projects. I took care of sites surveys, preliminary and working drawings production, 3D modeling and rendering. That's allowed me to improve in a substantial way firm’s projects visualization quality for clients. Working for my hometown Urban Planning and Building Regulation Department, I developed a sustainable urban renovation project for the downtown area, successfully managing the design team and handling liaisons with suppliers. After other collaborations with an award winning architectural firm and an engineering company involved in landscape and infrastructure design, in 2011 I established my own firm working for private clients and taking care of residential buildings renovation and commercial spaces. I also founded a collaborative network with other local professionals (engineers, surveyors, contractors) to provide clients with a wider range of services. Since 2014 I was Project Leader for an international general contractor based in Milan. In this role I managed the realization of stores and trade shows stands in EU, Russia and USA, coordinating suppliers and subcontractors and drafting specifications and working drawings. Main clients I worked for include Nike, AS Roma, Armani, Festina Lotus, CNMI (Milan Fashion Week), Grand Vision. Now I am looking for new challenges which could give me the chance to make the difference in an enterprising and forward-looking company.


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