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Arnaldo Gamba

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Arnaldo Gamba

Arnaldo Gamba


35132 Padova (PD)

Profilo di Arnaldo Gamba

Arnaldo Gamba was born in Thiene, near Vicenza, in 1947. As a teenager he already showed a distinct interest in art in its various forms: music (he attended a music conservatoire to study the piano), and the figurative arts (he obtained the High School Diploma from the Liceo Artistico of Venice). After a "youthful" phase characterised by "bohemian" experiments (collective exhibitions, some personal exhibitions and regional painting competitions), he decided to study at the University of Architecture in Venice, where he graduated in 1970. Up to 1978 he worked in architecture and urban planning with his own practice in Padua, carrying out projects of restoration of private buildings, town and district planning and taking part in the designing of some public buildings (schools). Bureaucratic delays, as well as restrictions caused by the political decisions of different public administrations, led him to turn to the world of industry, attracted by its greater efficiency and creative potential. In this way a new professional route was opened in 1978 with furniture and industrial design, now Arnaldo Gamba's best known and most documented work. In 1973 Arnaldo Gamba and the architect Leila Guerra, who was original/y his pupil and then became a partner in his practice, founded the G. Studio Associates. Together they have created numerous products far important makes of home furnishing. Arnaldo Gamba's passion far the figurative arts was not neglected in this period (1978-1998) but was cultivated privately for his own interest, in his activity as a painter. However, this passion re-exploded in his professional life in 1998, when he started to work with the Roncato company.


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