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Atle Tveit

Atle Tveit Designer d'interni

Atle Tveit

Atle Tveit

Designer d'interni

0183 Oslo

Profilo di Atle Tveit

Atle Tveit Design develops furniture for public and domestic environments in collaboration with leading furniture manufacturers. The office strives to meet the demands of both client and buyer in every aspect and project, through collaboration with other furniture/product designers, or as a standalone partner with the client. Regardless of how many participants is involved, the main philosophy is always that cooperation and dialogue enhances and enriches the creative and productive process, whether it is within a group of designers, with engineers, manufacturers or other parties involved. Atle Tveit Design was first established in Bergen, Norway, when in 2006 forming the design office Tveit&Tornøe which in 4 years developed several products for a number of Scandinavian furniture manufacturers. Today Atle Tveit Design is located in Oslo, Norway.


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