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Aura Zecchini

Aura Zecchini Designer

Aura Zecchini

Aura Zecchini


Milano (MI)

Profilo di Aura Zecchini

Aura Zecchini was born in Peschiera del Garda (VR) in 1983. She lives and works in Milan. Substance and appearance, truth and image. Aura Zecchini’s art spins delicately on these opposing semantic poles: ethereal and sinuous as reeds in the wind, fragile as rice paper, as mobile and fluctuating as the wings of a butterfly. The layered surfaces capture the gaze and emerge as overlapping planes. They are as transparent as lace moved by a gentle and lilting breeze. Invisible spider webs, insects camouflaged among vibrantly coloured leaves and petals – sharp and enveloping lines that reveal an underground micro-world, rendered in remarkable detail and great compositional skill. An unprecedented, surprising and exquisitely feminine balance between nature and its.


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