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ALAIN MARZAT Studio di Design d'interni



Studio di Design d'interni

62 rue Tiquetonne - 75002 Parigi Francia +33-1 4028 0020 Website


Architecture, design and interior decoration have always been additional in Alain Marzat's passion for fashion. The Bauhaus, the Union des Artistes Modernes, the architects and " interior designer - decorators " of the XXth century have had a determining influence on the aesthetic gouts of this self-taught. Throughout his job as a designer and art director in the field of fashion, Alain Marzat always left these disciplines to live and to feed his inspiration This transverse approach has strongly contributed to the success of his creations for numerous international brands of fashion. While realizing successfully the interior design of fashion boutiques, the importance of the merger of these artistic expressions became evident Over the years the urge to design and create pieces of furniture following this particular approach different from the traditional design became imperative and the first prototypes were born. The personal creative approach of Alain Marzat divides in two categories: - A high-quality cabinetmaking furniture in the tradition of famous designers and modernist architects of the 20eme century in a contemporary version “ custom-made " for each customer. - A contemporary design furniture featuring modern materials such as Plywood, "Corian", Aluminium and Altuglas.

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