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Atelier Tree

Atelier Tree Studio di Architettura

Atelier Tree

Atelier Tree

Studio di Architettura

Courtyard No.23, Jiaodaokou Beisantiao, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China. - Beijing Cina

Atelier Tree Ltd

Taking human beings’ body and spirit as the initial concern, Atelier Tree successfully completed both the planning of cities or countries with giant scale and the design of tiny products or installations through focusing research and practice on architecture. In terms of creating activities in a variety of fields including public affairs, culture, education, commerce and office business, Atelier Tree adds design energy and innovation value to many aspects of things and objects with the use of open transdisciplinary vision and intensive professional experiences. Both in the natural and artificial environment which is changing rapidly, Atelier Tree firmly intends to expand and define an new state of life both at present and in the future relying on the design team consist of independent architects and small groups, the design methods from the inside to the outside and the open and sincere design attitude.

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