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bloomscape architecture

Bergamo / Italia

Architecture and Interiors. Design concepts. Retail roll-out. Workspace.

bloomscape is a design studio specialised in commercial architecture, particularly focusing
on corporate brands entering the Italian market.

We develop and realise innovative store and office concepts, creating inspiring retail and
work environments that successfully represent product and client.

Operating at the interface between client and contractor, we take responsibility for all
aspects of the building process from design to construction management.

With the completion of about 150 projects in Italy, Spain and Germany since 2005 we grew
and evolved into a competent team for corporate design application and retail roll-out.

Our mission is to support international companies with their expansion plans, facilitating
their way through Italian bureaucracy and bridging language difficulties, nonetheless
ensuring short-term openings and cost control. ... Mostra tutto ... Mostra meno

bloomscape architecture

Via Andrea Previtali, 29
24127 Bergamo

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