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Boa Mistura

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Boa Mistura

Boa Mistura

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Boa Mistura

BOA MISTURA is a multidisciplinary collective with roots in graffiti, born in late 2001 in Madrid, Spain. They develope their works mainly in the public space. They have carried out projects in Cape Town, Norway, Berlin, Sao Paulo, Venize, Algers or New York. Boa Mistura have been invited to the Bienale di Venize of Architecture, and have taken part in exhibitions in art galleries such as the Reina Sofía Museum, Casa Encendida in Madrid, Raquel Ponce Gallery and the DA2 Museum in Salamanca. They have collaborated with foundations such as ONCE (Spanish national organisation for the blind), Oxfam and Antonio Gala, and given lectures at TEDxMadrid, or Universities such as Madrid, Seville and Alcalá de Henares. The term “Boa Mistura”, from the Portuguese for “good mixture”, refers to the diversity of style and perspectives of each member. Love for graffiti, colour and life. Distinct visions which complement each other, influence each other, and always combine to create something even better.

  • Grafica, computer art

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