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Cazú Zegers Arquitectura

Cazú Zegers Arquitectura Studio di Architettura

Cazú Zegers Arquitectura

Cazú Zegers Arquitectura

Studio di Architettura

Pedro de Villagra 2351 - Santiago del Cile Cile Website

Cazú Zegers Arquitectura

The Cazu Zeger arquitecture studio, Suggests an undertaking of Chilean architecture, to find the construction of a language of expressive forms and arquitecture intimately connected to Chile, its territory, landscape, and its vernacular construction. In this sense the works developed by this studio, do not pretend to be a finished work, but a work in progress, where there is poetic reflection, about the way habitation of this territory.   They are “Prototypes of this Territory.” (Name taken by the monographic book, published by Ediciones ARQ, in 2008). Tierra Patagonia is an excellent example of this artistic and creative posture. The studio has a very particular design outline, that comes from a relation between poetry and arquitecture, inserted in the thesis of AMEREIDA (published in Ediciones de la Escuela de arquitectura de la UCV), which suggests, that the coming of Columbus to the Indies and America appears as a gift, a talent.  Amereida invites the inhabitants of America to construct a language of forms appropriate to our Latin heritage in an American world, that is:  assume the responsibility  as a new culture, the Latin-Americans,  and from this origin find a way to dialogue with the worldwide paradigm.  In answer to this invitation, Cazu Zegers, calls it “Habitation in an  Delicate and Precaurious way,” that is to say with low technology or LOW TECH and a high experiential impact.  This particular outlook is born from the understanding, that the great heritage of Chile is in the territory, in which:  … “Chile before a country is a landscape”, as sung by the poet Nicanor Parra.  All his work is construed under the premise:  “The territory is to America, as the monuments are to Europe.”  From here this arquitecture does not set out to be a protagonist but to enter into an amorous dialogue with nature.

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