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Founded by Jun Aizaki, CRÈME is a collaboration of dynamic, international designers and creative professionals. Based on the idea that all design challenges require the same problem solving approach, we approach a chair, a restaurant, a building, the same way we would approach a logo or a block. Collaboration is a key to our process. We nurture a culture of design democracy and draw inspiration from our clientele, our design team’s diverse backgrounds and from our extended family of artists and fabricators. We believe in having a hands on approach to problem solving and that fresh ideas are born when moving the hand. We take a holistic approach to design where every element speaks to each other creating a strong sense of a whole. We are storytellers and experience builders in a sense that our exploration does not begin nor does it end at the completion of a building, space or an object, but rather when a person interacts with the space and the experience enters someone’s lifestyle. CRÈME was awarded a Wave of the Future Award in 2009 by Hospitality Design magazine and has been featured in the New York Times, Architectural Digest, Interior Design, Hospitality Design, Metropolis, Kinfolk, New York Magazine, Food and Wine, Architect’s Newspaper and Elle Décor.

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