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Ken Schluchtmann (1970) specialized in landscape and architecture photography at the renowned Lette-Verein (Berlin) to become a photo-designer. After completing his training, he established his agency in Berlin in 2001, which works for designers and large companies with a focus on Europe, Asia, and North America; he was soon awarded international prizes. Trips to Norway are a constant in his life. The uninhabited countryside with its unique nature and above all the unparalleled light conditions profoundly fascinate Schluchtmann and form the ideal counterpart to life in the metropolis of Berlin. In 2014 he published the result of his photographical research - as the first and only photographer who has taken pictures of all the architectures wanted by the Norwegian National Tourist Routes to optimize the experience of nature for travellers and built up to 2012 - in the book “Architecture and Landscape in Norway” edited by Hatje Cantz. Last year he returned to Norway to complete his research with the new architectural projects built in the meantime along the roads. He is currently involved in different projects and carries on a new research, this time with focus on Myanmar.

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