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EMBAIXADA was established in 2002 with the aim to produce works capable of answering to the exquisite requisites of contemporary life by innovative ways. As an office it refuses to be limited to one type of specialization, constantly searching for new and different challenges. The work developed encloses areas such as Urbanism, Architecture, New Media, Arts and Design. EMBAIXADA was founded by seven associates graduated in Architecture : Paulo Albuquerque Goinhas (Beja,1977), Augusto Marcelino (Portimão, 1977), Cristina de Mendonça (Lisboa, 1977), Luis Baptista (Lisboa, 1977), Nuno Griff (Lisboa,1975), Pedro Patrício (Beja,1976) and Sofia Antunes (Lisboa,1977). Currently directed by three of the founding partners (Paulo Albuquerque Goinhas, Cristina de Mendonça, Nuno Griff), and counting on the regular contribution of several specialists, in the most diverse areas, in order to extend its expertise and know-how. The team presents a diversified and dynamic hierarchy structure, taking great advantage of each personal contribution and avoiding the traditional majority way of decision-making, therefore holding debate, cross-questioning and leading the research of a project to its ultimate point. An evolutionary process of architectural selection pursuing the nuclear identity of each project. As a result of that, each work is always developed as a prototype. As a “custom-made work”, taillored according the identity of each client and the programmatic conditions of each project. Indissociable of the creative intention of the company is obviously the name chosen to represent it - e m b a s s y. An entity representing a body of individuals and ideas with the ambition to develope an architectural practice as product of a Collective Inteligence.

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