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Feilden Fowles

Feilden Fowles Studio di Architettura

Feilden Fowles

Feilden Fowles

Studio di Architettura

96 Teesdale Street - E2 6PU London Regno Unito

Feilden Fowles

Feilden Fowles is a leading young architecture practice, committed to sustainable design. We have a hands-on approach to construction and materials, working through models and prototypes. We celebrate the physical qualities and inherent structural properties of materials, an approach that results in a rich and experiential architecture. We are interested in all scales of design, engaging in a multi-disciplinary approach through early collaboration with designers, the trades and complimentary professions. Our buildings exhibit a playfulness with existing typologies and modes of construction. Projects are shaped by the prevailing conditions and detailed with precision and subtlety. Our sensitive yet inventive response to the vernacular and unique features of each scheme’s context leads to proposals routed in their rural landscape or urban setting. Projects emerge from a clear concept and legible diagram, which in turn informs and drives the detailed design. Our investigation of each project begins by developing an intimate understanding of both place and people, combining existing conditions with human needs, to arrive at simple, functional and inspiring structures. Form may be inspired by geology, natural history or the vernacular of an area but is honed and refined by human necessity. The scale of our work ranges from furniture design and installations through to masterplanning and urban research. We currently have projects in housing, education, the commercial sector, masterplanning and the arts. We use our projects to push forward a material, concept, structure or programme to new limits, and pride ourselves on delivering pure and conceptually strong buildings.

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