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Klingenhagen 31 - 48336 Sassenberg Germania 0049(0)2583302171 Website


The creativity to design furniture will not only take place at prestigious locations, but also in the centre of Sassenberg. The name of the design company in Klingenhagen is Formmodul. Their men of action are Guido Franzke and Detlef Fischer. It is only a short time ago that they were honoured with the “interior innovation award 07 / best of the best” at the IMM in Cologne. They gained the prize for “innovation and material”. The award-winning object: a stackable cantilever chair named “Glove”. For any laymen Glove may seem to be a simple seating furniture, but for the two designer, working together since 2001, ultimate perfection. Perfection in functionality, comfort, visual appearance, practicability, haptic and shape. Glove is suitable for home interiors as well as public areas. The cantilever chair is vanguard, comfortable, smooth because of the used fabric and foam, and stackable. Guido Franzke’s and Detlef Fischer’s primary concern is to combine function, appearance and quality to be 100 % well matched, which they try to achieve with great love to the detail, almost obsessively. They complete the whole project themselves creating concepts and designs using new materials. They engage in self-promotion to find a client to implement their concept. Guido Franzke is a skilled pattern maker and authentic from Sassenberg. Not the being but what can be is the guiding principle of the two designers to reach peak performances and maintain motivation. One concept can be a lengthy process. It took two years to develop and provide the model Glove. Guido Franzke and Detlef Fischer are especially familiar with public and home furniture, but also lighting, construction design and city furnishings. Despite the success the 41 year old designer does not lean back to relax. The next niche will be found and put into practice – with intelligent solutions à la Formmodul and guaranteed made in Germany.

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