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GGMPU Arquitectos

GGMPU Arquitectos Studio di Architettura

GGMPU Arquitectos

GGMPU Arquitectos

Studio di Architettura

Av. Leopoldo Lugones 230 P.B. - Provincia di Córdoba Argentina Website

GGMPU Arquitectos

Immediately after having obtained their degree as architecs at National University of Cordoba (Argentina) in 1965, Mrs. Sara Gramática (born 1942-05-26), Jorge Morini (1942-08-02), Jose Pisani (1936-08-20) and Eduardo Urtubey (1937-11-04) established an Architecture and Urban Design Office. While developing the Office, the same partners set up COPSA, a construction company devoted to public and private building. COPSA ’s activities as such ended in 1995. That same year all the activities developed by the group were concentrated in the design section of their work and thus they formed the GGMPU Architects, which at present is integrated by the architects Gramática, Morini, Pisani & Urtubey. In the year 2002, the partners formed in Spain the GMPU S.L. located in Málaga City. All along the uninterrupted long forty years of work, miles of the square meters projected by the design office have been built covering practically all levels of size and complexity, as well as all the typological and programmatic diversities such as: 􀂃 Institutional buildings 􀂃 Bank buildings 􀂃 Commercial buildings 􀂃 Shopping centers 􀂃 Sports centers 􀂃 Educational buildings 􀂃 Hospitals 􀂃 Hotels 􀂃 Penitentiaries 􀂃 Entertainment and games centers 􀂃 Social housing schemes 􀂃 Apartment buildings 􀂃 One family homes 􀂃 Interior design 􀂃 Urban design and territory management 􀂃 Distribution and logistic centers The experience in design as well as in project, construction and cost management has made it possible for GGMPU to enlarge its activities and to provide services such as: project management, construction management, planning and technical auditing for public and private financial bodies. GGMPU works in a full compliance with the bodies international standards in force to comply particular goals set by the customers. The technical personnel are acquainted with them to ensure highest levels of human safety and investment protection.

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