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Giugiaro Design

Giugiaro Design

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Via A. Grandi, 25 - 10024 Moncalieri (TO) Italia Website

Giugiaro Design

Giugiaro Design belongs to the Italdesign-Giugiaro group, with headquarters in Moncalieri (Turin), where the four interdependent functional departments are also based, i.e. the marketing and sales department, the design centre, the engineering department and the modelling department. Because of the number of its employees, skills, international presence and range of complete and quality services, Giugiaro Design is considered one of the leading companies operating in the industrial design market segment. The company was established by its current CEO, Giorgetto Giugiaro, in 1981. Since its establishment it has been working in many markets, ranging from products to architecture, cooperating with Italian as well as international companies, including Aermec, Alenia Aeronautica, Ansaldo Breda, Bburago, Beretta, Bridgestone, Ferrero, Fiat Engineering, Fiera di Milano, Studio Foster and Partners, JVC, Merloni, Nikon, Piaggio, Richard Ginori, Japan Science and Technology Corporation, Seiko, Sanpellegrino, Telecom, Trenitalia, Vredestein and many more. What enables Giugiaro Design to be so versatile is the adoption of a working method that can be applied to any segment and that allows to develop a project in various fields always based on the same model. In addition to the Turin headquarters, Giugiaro Design has offices in France, Spain, Chine and Japan.

  • Arredo e design d'interni
  • Illuminazione d'interni
  • Design industriale

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