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Avenida de Santiago, 68 - 4520-470 Rio Meão Portogallo 351 256 783026 Website


GRANORTE is a Portuguese company, founded in 1972 to recycle the cork waste from the cork stoppers manufacturing. From the beginning we gained a reputation all over the world thanks to the excellent quality of our cork products. The vast knowledge in our special field allowed us to develop into an expanding producer of cork technical solutions. Today, GRANORTE offers a complete range of cork products from granulated to agglomerated cork, cork rolls, wall and floor coverings. A steady growth, supported by a sound financial structure, a high standard of technical and human resources and a constant concern with quality, research and environment protection have made us into one of the most reliable and prestigious companies in cork industry.

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  • Pavimenti e rivestimenti
  • Pavimenti per interni
  • Pavimenti
  • Rivestimenti e decorazioni per pareti
  • Rivestimenti
  • Rivestimenti tridimensionali

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