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The Hollo brand is entirely Made in Italy. It is the result of the cooperation between Homecode, a Treviso-based manufacturer of complementary furnishing units, and the artist Andrea Magnani. Hollo was established in 2011 and entails a concept that combines basic furnishing units – universal in terms of form and function – with visual designs by famous and emerging artists. The Hollo concept involves an essential form that can be ‘dressed up’ graphically. This process of transformation means easy applicability in any type of home or community environment. Hollo is utterly sustainable – from concept to design and distribution – because it optimizes the production process due to the fact that it always exploits the same structure. If the user decides to change the design he simply replaces the doors without changing the structure. The Hollo collection is continually enriched with essential, basic proposals enhanced by young, famous, unknown and emerging artists whose visual creativity is transferred on a timeless furnishing unit.

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