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ideale concepts Studio di progettazione urbanistica

ideale concepts

ideale concepts

Studio di progettazione urbanistica

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ideale concepts

Who We Are + ETHOS id&@le concepts (ideale concepts) is a multi-disciplinary creative micro studio based in Vancouver (Canada). The name, logo & partnership were created in Turin (Italy) in 2004 as a result of the merger of names, energies and expertise of its founding members: interdisciplinary research active designer “ida” - Ida Maria Pan (Vicenza, Italy) & “ale” - architect Alessandro De Ambrogio (Caracas, Venezuela). Merging & bridging energies & talents, facilitating ensembles of art and technology for the creative exploration of urban & suburban public spaces, plus combining the passion for art & architecture with the thirst to conceive, spawn and generate unique and intelligent design, id&@le concepts produces visual solutions for a wide range of needs and fields. The group fluctuates in size - from project to project – creating, configuring & bridging teams that embrace a number of other national + international artists & collaborators. Different combinations & formulas applied at different times in various cities and countries [ie. Turin, Italy from 2004 to 2006; Almaty, Kazakhstan in 2006; Vancouver BC, Canada from 2007-2010]. Sculptors Davide Pan and Carlos Basanta joined ideale in 2007 and collaborate on Public Art Projects. id&@le concepts is actively working on sustainable architecture, public art, product + graphic design, copywriting, brand identities, marketing and communication campaigns & editorial projects, exhibits, events and architectural environments. The studio also helps in creating and developing concept outlines and executing proposals for all sorts of Art related initiatives (public art, installations, photographic essays, catalogs, publications). id&@le designs + fabricates site-specific artwork and custom pieces for architectural and landscape environments. &@ sources artists for project teams and realizes existing concept designs. Using a blend of highly creative skills, human, environmental & commercial awareness, id&@le concepts helps its clients incorporate their ideas, wishes, dreams, necessities & requirements into consistent & functional products. Practicing what we call “id&@lismo magico” we strive in attempting to equally transform thoughts into things & things into thoughts... id&@le concepts gives power to artistic vision, assisting artists, architects, landscape architects and developers in making their mark.

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