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Il pezzo mancante

Il pezzo mancante Studio di Design

Il pezzo mancante

Il pezzo mancante

Studio di Design

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via San Iacopino 21 - 50144 Firenze (FI) Italia +390553989901 Website

Il pezzo mancante

Il Pezzo Mancante was born in 2010 created by Cosimo Terzani and Barbara Bertocci. Inspired from their passion for quality raw materials and an innate love for their homeland, Tuscany, they create a world made of solidness and vision in which you can rediscover an extraordinarily rich artisan culture. It’s a world that celebrates the beauty of handcrafted piece; works of art to be stroked to feel their warmth and “familiar feel”. The solid wood, the brass castings, the blown crystal, the marble from the finest Carrara quarries, they are not just icons from the past but symbols of timeless intelligence and elegance that modern life need to rediscover. Il Pezzo Mancante is an atelier that designs and creates unique pieces, a world of memory, material, touch, senses, elegance and passion, a place where you can watch, think, do and look for something missing: Il Pezzo Mancante (the missing piece).

  • Arredo e design d'interni
  • Illuminazione d'interni
  • Design industriale

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