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IndiaCadWorks is a leading provider of architectural designing services, including 2D drafting, 3D modeling, and 3D rendering for both interior and exterior areas, to name a few. We have over 12 years of experience in designing architectures for more than 300 clients. Whether you want to visualize your kitchen with a new paint job or you want to redesign your entire living room, IndiaCadWorks has done it all. Our architectural services are used by interior designers all over the world for creating test designs of their innovative ideas. This helps in better visualization and planning because conceptualization plays a key role in interior designing projects. Our professional designers help interior designers in creating perfect visuals for their projects before execution. Using our services, interior designers can ensure greater client satisfaction as they can show the interiors of a project in advance, resulting in clear expectation setting. Any refinements and changes can be made at the drafting stage, resulting in minimal back and forth after completion of the project. This can also lead to huge cost savings for interior designing firms as usually the cost of rework is borne by the designers. All our designing projects go through three phases. In the consultation phase, we understand your requirements, including choice of design technique and giving you an estimate of the cost. In the design phase, we design your architectures as per the details provided in the consultation phase. In the post drafting phase, we help you get maximum value out of the designs by converting the file formats or creating 3D models from 2D drafts. Our 2D drafting services can be used for designing any type of architectures, including home, office, or restaurants. As part of 2D drafting, we offer preliminary drawings, presentation drawings, millwork drawings, to name a few. Our team of designers and engineers has vast experience in all leading software like AutoCAD, Revit, and many more. Each of our 2D drafts is prepared with high attention to detail, and we place the highest emphasis on exact scaling and specifications-. If you’re looking at 3D modeling services, our team of drafters, engineers and architects can provide you with realistic and detailed 3D models. With a combination of creativity and technology, we can provide you with perfect 3D models which can be easily converted into production. Be it modeling of kitchenware components or creating a 3D model of your living room with full furnishings, you can be assured of the highest quality with IndiaCADworks’ expert 3D modelers. We offer 3D rendering services. To give an example of our 3D rendering services, a leading member of the American Society of Interior Designers wanted accurate 3D rendering within 36 hours. The client, who has provided interior design and decoration services to many hotels and malls in the US, wanted 3D rendering services for a premium hotel room. Some of his requirements were 3D rendering with depth as per floor plan, high definition details in the rendered output images, and creation of perspective drawings of window and bed wall. We assigned a team of two designers who met the client’s all requirements within 36 hours. 3D modeling and 3D rendering are also important for real estate professionals for marketing their properties. A good home is incomplete without proper furniture and decorations. Using latest 3D modeling and 3D rendering techniques, our designers can create perfect visuals for the interior of the property, including arrangement of furniture, treatment of wall and floor, carpets, curtains, and many more. We have listed below some more examples of our recently-completed architectural designing projects are: • Created joinery drawings for an Australian homeowner, which included creating detailed drawings for home office, theatre, lower ground TV, common bathrooms, master bedroom bath, etc. • Supported an Australian-based furniture company in 3D modeling and rendering of their furniture products • Provided floor plans to a UK-based graphic designing company catering to real estate agencies • Created custom furniture models, including modeling and generation of perspective views in modern office backgrounds

  • Progettazione architettonica
  • Restauro architettonico, conservazione
  • Design industriale
  • Disegno Cad e modellazione 3d
  • Grafica, computer art
  • Modellistica, plastici architettonici

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