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iNgAmE office

iNgAmE office Studio di Architettura

iNgAmE office

iNgAmE office

Studio di Architettura

606-608 Tower B1, Eastern Industrial Area, HuaQiaoCheng (OCT), Nanshan - 518053 Shenzhen Cina +8613923756802 Website

iNgAmE office

iNgAmE office was established in Boston, United States, in 2003. iNgAmE has a staff of designers from various backgrounds and universities including Harvard, Yale, Toronto, and Tsinghua. iNgAmE has collaborated with many outstanding professional firms such as OMA, Kengo Kuma, EDAW / AECOM, Citymark / AECOM, CCDI, and AA / Groundlab. The Shenzhen, China office was founded in 2007. "iNgAmE" can be understood as "in the game," meaning we happily play by the rules that are embedded in the field of architecture. Our design philosophy is to identify the "rules" that are inherent in architectural design. These rules are in no way restrictions, but merely mark the starting point. We first approach design by establishing good communication with our clients to fully understand their needs, apparent and latent, in order to provide the most suitable solution. Secondly, we believe that the most valuable part of a design is not necessarily personal style or personal expression of the architect; rather, we spend the time to discover and explore the unique elements to each project, and transform what might be perceived as disadvantages to the highlights of a project. We don't believe in what's fashionable, rather what is appropriate, smart, and wise. iNgAmE has continually worked internally in pursuit of academic interest in architecture. It ensures our firm's fresh perspective of the industry with a critical eye on our own and others' work. The only challenges are how to outdo ourselves in the next round. Design is an attitude and philosophy. We don't dare to think that it's just an occupation or a way to make a living.

  • Progettazione architettonica
  • Architetture temporanee, installazioni
  • rogettazione urbanistica
  • Pianificazione territoriale e tutela ambientale
  • Disegno Cad e modellazione 3d
  • Grafica, computer art
  • Modellistica, plastici architettonici

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