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inSpace is a liaison of Architects dedicated to working together towards an up-to-date architecture, urbanism and industrial design. Approaching design through critical inquiry and analysis with a spirit of experimentation, avoiding existing compromises to achieve a higher level of synthesis. inSpace commitment is to find the right, even inspired solution, working closely with our clients, engineers, consultants, and experts to ensure that vision and detail are synthesized to achieve the very best results. inSpace Study Topics: Re-configuration of the inhabited space - The highly localised and historicised notion of space should be brought into relation with the concepts exuded from the extreme sophistication of contemporary networks: the virtual, the instantaneous and the speed. This requires a careful analysis of the processes of space appropriation in today’s every-day-life context. The aim of such analysis is not simply the review of media practices and the acceptance of the realm of electronic mediation in general, but furthermore, an attempt to understand how the resultant new forms of sociality can re-configure both public and private spaces. Particular Balance - The practice is dedicated to providing architecture with a particular balance that responds to its environment, addressing issues of context, program, sustainability, maintenance and economy. inSpace understand building materials, products and construction details as existing to serve the building life-system and the architectural concept. Therefore, special attention is taken to the use of both conventional and new materials, and the combination of traditional techniques and advanced technology construction, to obtain not only technical performance or different structural possibilities but also to find an architecture that respects the reduction of material usage, economic lifespan, physical durability, use of sustainable energy sources and energy efficiency. Bioclimatic Architecture - is a simple and natural approach to conceive and realize spaces to live with a climatic comfort that responds to contemporary requirements.

  • Progettazione architettonica
  • Restauro architettonico, conservazione
  • Architetture temporanee, installazioni

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