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Kiko Salomão Arquitetura

Kiko Salomão Arquitetura Studio di Design d'interni

Kiko Salomão Arquitetura

Kiko Salomão Arquitetura

Studio di Design d'interni

Sao Paulo Brasile

Kiko Salomão Arquitetura Ltd

Founded in 1995, the firm Kiko Salomão Arquitetura has been since then developing projects for offices, homes, shops, restaurants and hotels and gained visibility via publication of its works in well known magazines such as Interior Design/U.S., Interni/Italy and Wallpaper. Architect Kiko Salomão attended Business Administration and worked in the family concern until his call directed him towards studying architecture. In choosing a solo career, he was able to experience all the phases of a project as well as to apply his knowledge of administration in architecture. The natural consequence of this path was maturity, allowing him today to realize relevant project such as those for Bic Banco, Mattos Filho, Tiffany and several residential ones. Entirely identified with contemporary, modernist and minimalistic influences, Kiko Salomão and his team imprint each job with their main characteristics: survey of new materials and a unique and refined detailing, providing an atmosphere of elegance together with sobriety of lines and cleanliness of information. Representing a new generation, Kiko Salomão has already engraved his identity in the present architectural scenario. In conclusion, he is faithful to the most important quality of each creator: the contribution towards timeless designs.

  • Progettazione architettonica
  • Restauro architettonico, conservazione
  • Architetture temporanee, installazioni
  • Arredo e design d'interni
  • Illuminazione d'interni
  • Design industriale

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